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The Traveling Fixie

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Last summer I’ll never forget taking my fixie bike with me to Europe.  It was the middle of July and I landed in London in the morning time, when the day was fresh.  I tried to take my fixie with me on the flight like a carry on, but they told me I had to check it in.  My fixie bike only weighed just about ten pounds, which confused me on how I couldn’t bring it with me.  I have always hated checking in luggage or extra bags, because it just causes more headaches than initially desired.  If only the flight company understood how easy it is to take apart a fixie bike and put it back together they would maybe allow me to bring it.  A fixie bike is very easy to assemble and disassemble, it just takes a couple screws and it’s out.  Fixie bikes are known for being very light in weight and having the easy ability to travel with.  

London traveling fixie streets

Once I was in Europe having my fixie bike made life and traveling around so easy.  If you have never been to Europe you will know that transportation is a very tricky task to accomplish, especially in the cities, because there are so many people and buildings around that space starts to become tight.  I wanted to bring my fixie bike so I wouldn’t have to rely on any taxi service or other form of transportation.  By having my fixie bike I could easily get around to any city, cafe, or tourist spot without having to wait in traffic or pay a cab driver.  Having the ability to go anywhere I wanted at any time was a great feeling to have.

city life fixie biking

Exploring anywhere with a fixie bike is an amazing thing to do, but exploring Europe with a fixie bike is an even more exhilarating experience.  It’s tough to put words to how great it is to see all the best sights and sounds with the ease of a bike ride.  Rarely do people truly appreciate what they have, and instead become obsessed with material objects they don’t have.  When you take an amazing trip to Europe with your loved ones and have your fixie bike to explore it makes you feel good about life.  Everyone should take advantage of taking a relaxing vacation somewhere exotic with the people they really care about.  Having the fixie bike with me allowed me to have the ease of mind to instantly being able to move place to place regardless of traffic or other challenges I would face on the busy European streets.

tight streets europe fixie biking

Many Europeans like to use scooter style bikes to get around, but to be honest I always thought people were lazy when I’d see them on scooters.  Having the flexibility to carry and transport my fixie bike was nice, because not only was the opportunity available to carry it anywhere but it wasn’t a big bulky bike.  Most people have large, bulky, mountain bikes that take up a lot of space, and don’t allow for easy transportation at all.  When your traveling in the city of London you need to have the comfort and easy ability to carry a bike with you, which is precisely what a fixie bike offers the traveler.  There isn’t another type of bike that would allow you to easily store and carry around other than the fixie bike.


When I travel to Asia next spring, I will certainly bring my fixie bike.  Without the fixie bike in Asia life becomes very hard to get from place to place.  If you don’t have an easy way of transportation in another country it becomes challenging to get around on a daily basis.  Day in and day out there are so many events and places to be apart while being on a vacation trip, that missing something because of traffic is the worst excuse.  With a fixie bike I will have the control to get to wherever I want with the time I want.  If I didn’t have a fixie bike than traffic struggle would come.  No one likes waiting in traffic when they could be enjoying a beautiful scenery or event.

Asia scooter riding fixie outdoors

If you have ever traveled to the middle east, in particular India, you will notice how many bikes are on the road.  Everywhere you look in the streets you will see hoards of people traveling by scooter or bike.  I’m not talking about a hundred people on bikes riding, I’m talking about highways full of bikers and scooter lovers.  If you travel by car or van in these countries it becomes extremely challenging to maneuver from street to street.  Public transportation isn’t enough for some of these countries, because there’s too many people to take care of.  Whether your traveling or just exploring new destinations the choice is yours on what form of transportation is best.  I’m biased, but personally I believe that bringing and using a fixie bike to get around from place to place is the best solution.

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