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The Fixie Journey

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When I was a teenager my days in the summer were constantly spent out in the city or parks riding around on my fixie bike, everywhere.  For someone observing from the outside, looking in you would notice the fixie obsession I had at a very young age.  I remember day dreaming in class and at school about riding around in my fixie all the time.  The coolest thing I thought about fixes when I was young was having the ability to ride backwards on the bike.  Most bikes are used for one general direction, forward.  When I found out you could easily ride backwards on a fixie than a revolution in my mid went off.  No longer were the old style ways of riding forward relevant anymore.  It is pretty useless to have a bike that has the ability to move forward or backwards on cue, but having the choice is a nice thing to have.  Many people don’t appreciate fully the power of choices.  

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Ever since I was a young boy, I clearly remember there being a group of kids daily that would hang around the school and be involved in bad things like fights or drugs.  I remember thinking inside my head, some sort of separation between them must come.  I never wanted to be associated with those kids in any way, shape, or form.  I would feel terrible if I let other kids get to me, by giving into there time and attention.  I guess you could say I was very mature at a young age, and had the ability to separate myself from the masses way of thinking.

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Even to this day I see young, talented fixie riders getting distracted with all the wrong things and not allowing a full level of success to blossom.  It’s hard to have the self sacrifice to be able to say no to things when they enter your mind, trying to distract you from your goal.  When I was twelve I just new I wanted to be great at fixie tricks and I was going to do whatever it took to be the best.  From somewhere, I couldn’t fully remember, I was taught that greatness was never born but rather grown from a result of an obsessed worker.  I wanted to be the best fixie rider around, and I was going to do everything I could to be the best, regardless of what other people said or thought.

By blocking out what other people said constantly I was able to focus more clearly on what I needed to accomplish which was practicing and getting better everyday.  I vividly remember feeling sick or weird if I wasted a day in my week, because I knew my fixie trick skills weren’t getting better.  Getting better and becoming a fixie rider professional I knew deep down was something I always wanted and dreamed of all the time.  Dedication to the craft was something I had to continue to hone in on.  It was tough once I went to high school, seeing all the people doing the same thing and expecting they’d be becoming more successful or accomplish more.

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Fixie riding can be a stressful sport if you get down on yourself, and allow others to control your thoughts and actions.  When people do the necessary tasks on a weekly basis over time they should see small wins along the way.  At a young age I had to have a calm, relaxed mindset so that nothing could disrupt my work flow.  I remember failing at so many bike tricks in my neighborhood, and it was all a result from trying to hit the home run.  Taking the necessary action needed, and going for base hits was all my focus should have been from the beginning.

Looking back on my journey up to being a professional fixie rider I never would change the people and experiences I learned from on my climb up to success.  When I failed I learned the most when it came to new fixie tricks.  You may think it’s easy to go out and perform a couple tricks at first, but it takes relentless trick failures to really become something special.  Even if you don’t like sports, you can still relate to the athlete mindset of being the best everyday.  There will be times when you want to give up fixie riding, and find some other sport that will give you as much thrill.  Nothing will ever be the same in your life if you just throw your arms up and quit.

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Through out my own fixie biking  experience there has been times when I fell or got hurt.  I grew the most as a fixie biker when times were hard and challenging.  Self-improvement is a constant thing to always be reaching for on a daily basis.  The times when I was having the most fun riding around on fixies was when I was thinking about how to ride or do tricks, the physical actions naturally came to me after years of going through the motions.  It’s so hard for people outside of the fixie biking world to fully understand what kind of tole your mind and body takes throughout a career.  So people rode fixies to get from point a to b, others rode fixies to look cool, I rode them to make money.

I’ll never forget the moment I got a check that had three zeros attached to it, I felt that if I could achieve this with more time and effort into the business the better off I’d be in the end.  When it’s all said and done, at the end of the day, I wanted to feel like I made some progress from the day.  If I didn’t feel like I made progress in the day then I felt like a failure.  No feeling is worse than feeling like your a failure, and nothing could be done correctly.  The best advice I could give to aspiring, up and coming fixie riders is to stay focused and on track so that no one else could possibly get in your mind or try and divert your attention away from what’s most important, getting better at fixie tricks.

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