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We ride fixed gear exclusively, how do you ride?

A Story About Hygiene

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A shower a day keeps the doctor away. Also clean clothes everyday keeps the doctor away. That line can pretty much be used for anything that you say is keeping clean prevents the need to get sick and go to the doctor. What I learned from staying at a friends house in Oakland, is that if you sleep at a friends house, make sure to keep your fixie clean or you may need to see a doctor.
dirty home

I recently purchased a dope seat that has so much cushion on it for my fixie bike, and I was hella excited to show my friends around the bay area about this new bike. One of my friends is kind of a slob, but I visited him and brought my bike into his house. Bad decision. Because of this choice, when I got home, I had to have an exterminator come to my house because I brought bed bugs home with me. It just so happened that these sneaky mother killas crawled into my new bike seat, and hitched a ride the entire way home into my house, and started a new colony in my living room.


High School Fixed Fads

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Every kid at my high school that was considered “cool, hip, in with east Sacramento crew” were all fixed gear bike whores.  Any one that ever knew the different crowds of people at my high school knew the huge differences of people we had.  You either rode around on a fixed gear bike or you just weren’t in with the crowd.  Being cool in high school was very much centered around doing bike tricks with a fixed gear bike.  If you didn’t have a cool fixed gear bike you had to drive around in a car or bus.  There is nothing worse than not being accepted by people at the lunch table because you don’t ride around with a fixed gear bike.  Perception was a big thing in high school, and having the right bike was the biggest part of that.  If you had no fixed gear bike in high school you were basically a nobody.  Of course, nowadays my attitude about other people is very much so reflected in not caring what other people think.  When you start to be so concerned with what other people are saying is when you loose.  Initially allowing outside people to get inside your head is the first mistake most people make.  If you can’t block people out right now, then learning over time how to block out the negative thoughts is critical. (more…)

Bikes on the Streets

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Growing up in the early 2000’s I remember seeing so many movies as a kid with teenagers cruising around in there cool fixed gear bikes around the city or town.  For most of the kids I knew, fixed gear bikes were rare and everyone resorted to the traditional multi gear bikes.  Both fixed gear bikes and multi gear bikes have there advantages and disadvantages, but the cool kids seemed to only ride fixed gear bikes.  Growing up I never understood what all the commotion was about for these bikes, I couldn’t point my finger on the hype.  Even in elementary school the attention for bikes was around the fixed gear ones.  Fixed gear bikes seemed to be the plausible way to get around.  When I went to a different school for middle school, I realized the kids around me weren’t traveling from close homes like in elementary, I saw a difference in bikes.  In fact, I saw no bikes.  When you go to school down the street from your house it’s easy to ride everywhere.  The times when you live far from your school, are times when people use cars more.

kids biking fixed gear (more…)

Fixed Capital

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city hall fixiesWhen I as growing up, there was a distinguished boom of sorts where fixed nation started to form from. Of course, where does tons of the counter-culture movements stem from? San Francisco of course!

When I got one of my first fixed gear bicycles, I was so hyped to show off to all of my friends this sweet new ride that I got, and I hoped to inspire a couple of my other friends to purchase one to ride with me. Fixies were somewhat of a risky purchase for many people due to the fact that there wasn’t really a vast amount of knowledge during their first massive bit of growth, so the people who usually bought one initially were the risk takers of the world.

One of my girls invited me to a wedding in at the downtown San Francisco City Hall my senior year of high school. One of the more random events I had ever seen was something that the SF city hall wedding photographer set up that the bride and groom seemed to really enjoy. After marrying each other, they rode down the aisle together holding hands. That’s when I knew for sure that fixed gear bicycles were a huge thing in the Bay Area. (more…)

Before Driving

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When you’re a kid, there are only so many things that you can use as a vehicle for traveling. Since you cannot legally drive a car or ride a motorcycle on the streets until the age of 16 in the United States, if you wanted to travel across town when there is no car to take you places, you are left choosing. The common options are skateboards, roller blades, scooters, your own two feet, and then bicycles. More often than not, if you wanted to get somewhere quickly, you ended up choosing a bicycle. You learn quickly as a kid that there are bikes that can get you somewhere fast, and there are ones that are for going offroad, and there are some for playing.

bmx bike

I tried all types of bikes when I was a kid, and participated in many different bike related activities with my pals after school, on the weekends, and during the summer when my parents couldn’t drive me anywhere. I had a mountain bike, a bmx bike, a cruiser, and they all worked just fine for the primary things I needed them for. When I went offroading, if it was a long distance ride, I’d bring the mountain bike. If I wanted to do some jumps, some wheelies, and get real athletic with it, I would bring the bmx bike. I never really messed with the cruiser as I could never really figure out how to have fun on it. I liked adrenaline as a kid and I guess the cruiser never really gave me any.

mountain bike

When I was 14 years old and entering high school, I became friends with more kids that lived outside of my neighborhood. When my parents weren’t able to drive me, I started to ride my bike to and from their houses, and usually would be pretty exhausted going back and forth visiting my friend’s houses who lived a couple miles away. Bmx bikes are simply not efficient in riding long distances, and I would still be getting a pretty solid workout on my mountain bike. One day, my dad let me use his road bike to travel, and boy did that sure make a difference. I finally discovered what real speed on a bike was like and knew that I wouldn’t be too exhausted at all if I wanted to travel to a friends house, and in essence, this created a more active personality in me.

road bike

While the road bike suited my traveling needs, and the bmx for my fun stuff, I longed for a bike that was efficient and fun. One day, a friend of mine said he was coming over. He lived about 4 miles from me so I assumed since he was probably on a bmx bike he would probably be maybe 25 minutes. He surprised me when he knocked on my door maybe 15 minutes later at his arrival. I was stunned at his speed and asked if he got a new road bike to ride or something. He said no and had me follow him around the corner to check out his new ride in all of it’s glory.

A fixie

peugot fixie

Fixed Gear is Life

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Fixed riding is the only way to ride. Ever since I was a little kid and riding a bike, I remember loving the feeling of my peddles being able to only go one way, and when I pulled back the other way, the wheels would skid while I stood on the peddles feeling like a real OG boss.

As I reached my teenage years, and gone through the usual bikes you have as you grow older, the cruisers, the mountain bikes, other road bikes, but none of them appealed to me as much as my fixie bike.

The reason the fixie sticks out in my heart so much is because of the easee of riding the experience is for me. Knowing I only have one gear and all I have to do is focus on my ride rather than switching gears really helps my riding experiences go better. I get to focus on my thoughts and the ride around me more so than changing gears and wondering if I am really in the best gear or not.

One other top things that fixies have that most other bikes don’t is the ability to peddle backwords. I always considered the riders that could balance on their bike without moving the wheels to be pretty cool, but when I saw a friend riding his fixie backwards in a parking lot, I considered that to be the coolest way to show off on a bike I had seen up until that point. From then on out, I knew that I wouldn’t own any other type of bike than a fixed gear bike

Fixies for life!