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New Fixie Adventures

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Fixed gear biking is best to be done in cities that are more biker-friendly than others.  In California the two biggest biker friendly cities, at least in Northern California, are Davis and San Francisco.  If you have ever been to San Francisco you can’t walk around without noticing all the bikers riding around from street to street.  Most people move from different part of the city to another.  If you don’t see people traveling by bike than you will see people taking uber or a taxi.  Rarely do people walk or run in the city from one place to another unless there working out.  San Francisco, in my opinion, is the New York of the west coast.

san fran city street biking

Everyone likes to have a big city that never sleeps, and San Francisco is that town in California.  Riding around in a fixed gear bike in San Francisco is such a fun thing to do; especially during the day time when there are so many different areas in the city to explore.  It isn’t fun when your in a van or car driving around the busy streets, because you won’t be able to hear the hustle and bustle of the city during the night.  If your an experienced fixed gear biker or beginner there really is no other place to be than San Francisco.  Imagine a play ground where you can do all the tricks and flips you ever wanted to do in one city.  The city poses so many different streets, alleys, concrete slabs, and half pipes to do all sorts of fancy tricks and spins.

city lights SF biking night time

If you’ve never been to the city to see what’s its like, then your missing out big time.  Even if you have been riding fixed gear for a long time, the city is one of the best places to explore new fixie avenues and routes.  Wouldn’t it be so boring if you were doing the same tricks and flips in the same old area for years.  It’s only human for us to want to have the sense of new exploration.  If you don’t open up your mind and pallet to new creations and worlds than you will forever be boring.  Living life on the edge is key, because you will never settle and always yearn for more things in life.

SF street cycling night time

The problem most people have is when boredom starts to kick in they loose sight.  When individuals get bored they start to do things they normally wouldn’t be doing in the first place.  When it comes to fixies, I always had to search for new places to ride or else I would give up.  If your an athlete, you would understand how important it is to constantly be challenging the status quo with everything.  When people except the current state of affair, they start to get complacent.  Self-discipline is a big thing for athletes and extreme athletes because without it, no one will fully progress.  Small progressions and successes are what will separate you from the rest of the world.

self progression success work ethic

Fixie gangs are cool to be apart, as long as no violence and constant drug use is abused.  All throughout the city in San Francisco you will see crowds and crowds of people hoarding the streets flipping around on there bikes.  It’s never a bad thing to see so many fixie gangs everywhere, unless there a harm to society.  Fixie cliques and groups can be beneficial if they promote positive behavior and strive to become better fixie athletes.  When you start to get distracted with other bad things in the city is when you start to fall of the train tracks.

success driven fixie gear

Most people’s parents want them to be straight-edged and not divert time away from what is most important.  It’s a constant battle with yourself every morning to get up and tell yourself your going to be productive.  If you want to be a great fixie athlete it takes a lot of work.  I’m certainly a deep sleeper, and it takes a lot of energy for me to wake up in the morning.  Human psychology plays a big part in waking up in the morning to get to work.  Many people all they need is to tell there mind, “yes”, and simply put there body to work by waking up.  Some people need cold water poured on there body to physically wake them up.

fixie geared bikes city life

There are several different lessons to learn when it comes to riding fixes regardless if you want to be a pro or not.  A lot of times people will fail to understand the importance of hard work.  Without hard work nothing is possible to achieve.  Everything is connected to the work required behind any endeavor.  Maybe your goals in life are different compared to other people, it doesn’t matter.  You want to treat each new day as a battle, one small step at a time.  Achieving success on a fixe bike is like any other thing you want to be successful at, the work ethic must match the lofty goals that are coming out of your mouth.  Having the ability to say, “no” to people and events may be very hard to do especially if your a popular person.  Many people will want to drag you away from where you want to be in life.  If you can have the ability to look forward into the future and see where you are going to be, you will be way better off then other people who talk about goals, but never put in the time and effort needed.

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