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We ride fixed gear exclusively, how do you ride?

Mixing the Soup

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All my boys only mess with fixies as we make our way through town. We don’t roll like all those Lance Armstrong wannabes riding down the middle of the boulevard with their tight ass jumpsuits thinking they the shit telling everyone “It’s a great way to stay in shape bro!” We don’t roll like that ever!

Fixed life isn’t about getting attention and being a poser. It’s about being free. We tell those guys get the fuck out of the street muthaclucka, make way for the urb bros. We ride because we don’t give a thought one way or another, not because it’s a great way to stay in shape. We aren’t going anywhere. we’re just going. You can deal with it. We don’t follow the rules, we make our own rules, and if anyone doesn’t like it they can get out of the way or face the consequences.

Among the many things the fixed gear represents, the most important is freedom. This freedom is not taken lightly by those who cherish it most. These individuals have always existed on the fringes of societies, In the background acting as guardians of the way, vowing to protect something that is far more valuable than anything we could build. Just an idea. A possibility that has the power to pull the rug from under this monumental house of cards that has been feeding all our egos, A weed  you can’t destroy that will take it’s roots among the ashes. Before the last card is played the seed will reach the masses, the illusion will fade, and the way lives on.

I ride the fixed gear because it is by far the most dope way of riding a vehicle, and it pulls the most hot chicks. We aren’t the lowlifes that spend our time not going anywhere but our neighborhoods to jump around on the bmx jumps, we ride far, and we can still ride the bumps and wavy roads of the world. I don’t ride the road bike because I hate the crowd it comes with. It’s not about staying in shape and drinking acai-berry antioxidant smoothies from Jamba Juice. I won’t wear those tight shirts and long helmets and keep a slender body. And why would I need to ride a bike a hundred miles. I get it, it’s cool for when you’re a broke fool without a car and you need to ride hella far to get between your two shifts at Wal-Mart and Burger King. But I’m the guy who eats at these places and laughs at the the workers while S spill my food on the table for you to pick it up after me. And then I ride my fixie through the fast food restaurant while I eat my burger standing on my pedals talking about my thrift store finds that you can’t even afford.

I’m as real as it gets when it comes to biker gangs. I don’t do the weapons whack crap, but I let people know who’s the boss of these streets. Sometimes, when I see a car or truck that’s a gas guzzler, I’ll ride my bike slowly in the middle of the street and not let them pass while I give them the board and tell them to star to worry about the environment and their children instead of themselves.

I care about things, what do you do? I know the road bikers are all about themselves and how their bodies look. The bmx riders are all about showing how cool their tricks are on their jumps. The cruiser bikes are only rode with someone they love. Nobody rides the cruisers by themselves. They are too slow, they can’t do any tricks, and they are tiring to ride. What’s the point of only having a singular way to ride the bike when you can ride it any way you want with a fixie!


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