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High School Fixed Fads

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Every kid at my high school that was considered “cool, hip, in with east Sacramento crew” were all fixed gear bike whores.  Any one that ever knew the different crowds of people at my high school knew the huge differences of people we had.  You either rode around on a fixed gear bike or you just weren’t in with the crowd.  Being cool in high school was very much centered around doing bike tricks with a fixed gear bike.  If you didn’t have a cool fixed gear bike you had to drive around in a car or bus.  There is nothing worse than not being accepted by people at the lunch table because you don’t ride around with a fixed gear bike.  Perception was a big thing in high school, and having the right bike was the biggest part of that.  If you had no fixed gear bike in high school you were basically a nobody.  Of course, nowadays my attitude about other people is very much so reflected in not caring what other people think.  When you start to be so concerned with what other people are saying is when you loose.  Initially allowing outside people to get inside your head is the first mistake most people make.  If you can’t block people out right now, then learning over time how to block out the negative thoughts is critical.


Even if I rode around in high school with all the cool, “fixed gear” bikers I wouldn’t feel like I’m myself.  Faking yourself so that you can be someone else is never a good thing.  It really doesn’t matter what the situation is, being yourself is always the best thing.  When you start to dive into social endeavors that are out of your known circle than you start to become more uncomfortable.  Loosing the ability to to be comfortable is a good skill to possess, but in high school social situations it’s not recommended.  The best thing to do if your ever in a high school peer pressure fixed gear bike scenario the best thing to do is take a step back and never allow people or words to change who you are.  Being true to who you are is what’s most important.  The sad thing is looking back all the kids I thought were cool in high school ended up turning into unsuccessful people.  In today’s time I judge the kids I went to high school with on how successful they are.  It is a bad thing to judge, but it is very much so apart of our culture in today’s day and age.  Fixed gear bikes are still pretty popular, but nothing to what I thought it was going to be.  In high school when I saw fixed gear bikes I always thought they were going to be the next biggest things, but I was wrong.  Just like many other things in high school the fixed gear bike ended up fading out as a fad.

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High school fads will come and go.  Fixed gear bikes could be a fad that will never come back, but having the ability to know the difference is key.  If you see a bike fad coming from a mile away you’ll have more of an understanding of what’s really going.  If you never look to see whats going on in life than you will just moving along in the motions.  Nobody wants to be apart of the majority, just moving along with everyone else.  Leaders are ones that separate themselves from the pack and differentiate from everyone else so that no one else is ever in there way or controlling them.  If you allow others to control you than you won’t ever have ultimate freedom.  Fixed gear bikes aren’t everything in life.  Knowing when to say no to people, instead of giving into peer pressure is a great skill to possess.  Even if you worry about what others think it’s never a good idea to let another person’s thoughts or words destroy you.  Even someone that you think may be cool, is nothing compared to what you can truly become.  Fixed gear bikes may seem like the coolest, most in thing to have, but in reality there will always be something bigger and better next year or the year after that.

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