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Flexing with a Fixie

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The importance of having the best looking fixie bike should never be jeopardized.  Color, make, model, and design all play a fundamental role in having the best fixie bike out there.  It’s very simple, it’s just human science at work.  If you have the best looking fixie bike you will attract more from the opposite sex, which will allow you to reproduce more and at a higher frequency.  Obviously, the person on the bike plays a huge role, but the fixie bike will attract just like the prettiest flamingo will attract the most from the opposite sex.  Having the feeling of fixie bike dominance with your bike should be a goal.  

brand new fixie bike street

Without having the best looking fixie bike it may be hard for others to take you seriously.  Color plays a big role with the fixie bike.  If you start to use weird off the wall colors like orange, purple, or yellow you may put yourself at a disadvantage because those colors don’t reflect importance or strength.  You want others to feel dazzled when they see your fixie bike.  Some people may think your showing off when you ride around in the best looking bike, but it’s quite the opposite by having a good looking bike you will represent what they desire.  You certainly can’t please everyone you come across, but always having the best bike will go a long ways when it comes to being the best.

elegant fixie street riding

If your a young guy, then impressing the ladies is a big concern of yours.  How could you possibly show off a fixie bike that is old and crusty?  The answer is, you can’t.  If you want to show the ladies your the boss, so to speak, than you have to have the nicest, newest put together fixie bike on the streets.  If you have an ugly bike your using, chances are you will be laughed at and feel pretty useless when no girls flock to you.  The solution is as simple as just getting the best fixie bike so that no one has to tell you your bike is ugly or old.  When you’re riding around in the street, the feeling of achievement and success with a fixie bike is powerful to feel, take pride in having the best looking fixie.

fixie riding street showing off

It doesn’t matter what you think, other people’s thoughts and perceptions are more important than you think.  If you ride down the street with your old, worn out fixie bike, and people are giving you weird looks it’s probably the right time to get a new bike.  Without the fixie bike knowledge it may be difficult to make the right decision about what is needed.  Consulting with a fixie bike expert is a great idea so you don’t have to make any mistakes when repairing or maintaining your bike.  In today’s day and age it’s so easy to be able to look up and find the best bike specialist around so you can be sure your getting quality attention.  If you don’t have the best bike repairmen working on your bike it’s probably not worth your time to spend money with them.

fixie repair men riding streets

The best way to attract the opposite sex in your mid twenties riding a fixie bike is to ride all around local college campuses.  College campuses are filled with tons of young boys and girls all over the place waiting to meet new people.  College is the time of your life when everything should come together when it comes to career opportunities and ambitions.  People say college is supposed to be the best four years of your life, but I say why isn’t the rest of your life the best?  Why would people lower themselves to the belief that they can’t have a good time without being in a frat or sorority drinking beer all day?  The answer is a lot more simple than what many people would guess.  Kids, out of high school, get the impression that college is all about partying and drinking.  When I went to college this is certainly what I saw most.  It’s sad to think what I saw most was the worst part.

college life partying graduation fixie

When you get to college, look around and observe what is going on.  Take a look around the campus and see whose out there.  I remember being the first to make the first fixie biking club on campus.  Every Friday around two in the afternoon we’d meet in the main quad with our fixie bikes to discuss fixies and learn new tricks on the bike.  Without having the ability to learn and grow as a fixie student than I wouldn’t nearly be as good today with tricks.  Every young, aspiring fixie biker wants to feel like they can learn new tricks on a regular basis in a safe environment, which is what my fixie club gave to students at the university.  It’s a great way for students to get to know each other, and your learning a new hobby that will be useful for years to come.

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