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Fixie Relief

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In my opinion, I think riding on fixies and doing tricks is the best form of therapy you can receive because it’s low cost for riding around on a bike and your out in nature where life is more beautiful.  There’s something about the aroma of the outdoors that re-rejuvenates life back into people that need it.  Obviously, a lot of kids and teens love using fixie bikes, but even for the experienced adult bike fanatics, fixies offer many more options for tricks than the standard style of bikes.  Whether your brand new to the bike game or have been riding fixies your whole life, you’ll get a kick out of learning some new tricks on a fixie.  Many people don’t know what really goes into riding a fixie bike.  Most bikes people are accustom to having a multi gear set up where you can shift gears for different purposes.  With a fixie bike there’s only one gear propelling you forward or backwards.  Having the ability to stop on a dime is also a capability with the fixie, the foot pedals are used to stop the bike.  

mother nature outdoors fixie

For me, riding around in nature on my fixie helped to get rid of unwanted stress and allowed my mind to open up.  Without my mind opening up to new adventures it was hard for me to continue to live my life.  Riding fixie bikes was like my outlet from the world, my escape from all the chaos in the world.  When I wanted to relax or eliminate bad things from my mind I had to get outside, get fresh air, and go for a bike ride on my brand new fixie.  Fixie can be expensive to maintain, there worth all the costs that come along with the bike.  It was so easy to travel with the fixie bike as well, because the lightness and durability of the bike allows for easy transportation anywhere.


Fixie bikes gave me the peace of mind to balance everything that was in mind potentially causing me stress.  Anytime I felt stressed or had a feeling of being over worked I would always try to imagine myself on a fixie bike riding around the lake or river.  In college I still will ride my fixie on the weekend’s when I could find the time.  There was a lot of times when I would feel bad for myself if I couldn’t ride on my fixie because I had to study or do other work.  Even as a young adult I still try my best to continue to go for bike rides on a regular basis.  Everyday people are constantly having obstacles and challenges they must overcome; especially if your a business owner.

family biking fixie outdoors

Everyone knows the saying, “work hard and play hard”, which one hundred percent relates to your daily life, because finding the balance to overcome stress and headaches from your work life is a daily battle everyone deals with.  Everyone needs the outlet to be able to let loose and relax every once in awhile or else there lives will become consumed.  I can’t think of a better way to stay in shape while having a blast at the same time then riding around in a fixie.  Fixies offer the individual a great way to get out and explore the unknown.  Driving around in a car or van all day is never as pleasing of an experience as actually getting out there with a bike in nature and taking the time to soak in all that mother nature can provide for you.


Regardless of what your trying to in the day it’s easy to let out some energy on something that will be relaxing and fun for you at the same time.  Who wants to go through the motions of something that is boring and useless to you.  No one wants to feel like what there doing is a lot of work, and that’s exactly how I feel when I’m on my fixie riding around.  Whenever I take the time to get on my fixie and explore the outdoors everything else on my mind goes away.  A feeling of relief comes about as a result of me taking the time to set aside quality time with mother nature.  Whenever I can experience the serene feeling of the air and beauty of the outdoors it’s always a good thing.

fixie by the beach outdoors

I never really like to take vacations, rather taking time to be with my loved ones on my fixies is the best vacation I could ever want.  People fail to accept the little things in life, and never seem to value time spent with loved ones on a regular basis.  When I’m not riding on my fixies my goal is to try and spend quality time with my loved ones so that they don’t have to wonder if I’m ignoring them or not.  Finding the right hobby for the family is critical for a strong life long relationship.  For me personally, riding around in fixies was the best hobby I could maintain with my family, because not only could continue to ride fixies, but they would be apart of my bike rides which is all I ever wanted.

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