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We ride fixed gear exclusively, how do you ride?

Fixed Gear is Life

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Fixed riding is the only way to ride. Ever since I was a little kid and riding a bike, I remember loving the feeling of my peddles being able to only go one way, and when I pulled back the other way, the wheels would skid while I stood on the peddles feeling like a real OG boss.

As I reached my teenage years, and gone through the usual bikes you have as you grow older, the cruisers, the mountain bikes, other road bikes, but none of them appealed to me as much as my fixie bike.

The reason the fixie sticks out in my heart so much is because of the easee of riding the experience is for me. Knowing I only have one gear and all I have to do is focus on my ride rather than switching gears really helps my riding experiences go better. I get to focus on my thoughts and the ride around me more so than changing gears and wondering if I am really in the best gear or not.

One other top things that fixies have that most other bikes don’t is the ability to peddle backwords. I always considered the riders that could balance on their bike without moving the wheels to be pretty cool, but when I saw a friend riding his fixie backwards in a parking lot, I considered that to be the coolest way to show off on a bike I had seen up until that point. From then on out, I knew that I wouldn’t own any other type of bike than a fixed gear bike

Fixies for life!

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