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Fixed Gear Biking For All Ages

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The fixed gear world is filled with bikers always looking to perform tricks and flips.  The fixed gear bike world is something incredibly fun to get into, but at the same time can be extremely dangerous at the same time.  Drugs also play a big role in the fixed gear biking world, as with many other extreme sports.  Many kids get involved in fixed gear biking at a young age, and would rather ride bikes over driving cars.  Driving cars is the cool thing to do in college and the real world, but when your young and still in high school everything is centered around riding bikes and skating on boards.  It is very tough to be able to fully understand the fixed gear world, without fully being in it.  The absolute best thing to do for yourself if you want to see the inside of the street biking world, you should probably show up the a x-game in the summer when there’s always one going on.  Every year the x games hosts the biggest, most talked about extreme athletes.  Motocross racing, skating, street bike tricks, and roller blade tricks are the most sought after events.  Even if you don’t fully understand what’s going on in the fixed bike world, it’s at least fun to get out and enjoy the sun while watching the best in the world compete for the ultimate prize of being an x game gold medalist.  Many people like to watch the x games on TV, but personally I think the best way to experience the event is to actually show up in person and see the tricks.  Bike and skate tricks are only good if you see them in person, watching on TV does no justice for the rider or the sport.  Extreme sports are the best when your fully immersed in the event.  

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Let’s say you want to learn how to do tricks on a fixed gear bike.  Where would you go for that?  Many people want to pick up a new skill set later in life and don’t know how to learn.  The absolute best way to learn all the fixed gear biking tricks is to actually be in person and learn from a real expert that has been doing tricks for years or even decades.  If you learn from someone that doesn’t have what you want or the experience than there’s no point to allowing that person to educate you.  It’s like driving down the gym and hiring a fat personal trainer to train you.  Being able to be your own person and take new endeavors in with a grain of salt is vital; especially for learning tricks for fixed gear bikes.  If there was anything to do differently looking back, it would be not letting useless people get in my mind or way.  I was always fascinated with individuals who could ride around and do a bunch of cool fixed bike tricks, but I never understood how hard it was, until I tried for myself.  I remember riding a bike for the first time, trying to do a three sixty off a ramp, and it was not a pretty sight at all.  If you have ever ridden a skateboard or bike in a half pipe you will know how bad it hurts to fall on the cement; especially without pads on to protect the bones.

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Fixed gear bikes seems to be a big hit for middle school kids and young adults.  Even if you aren’t in middle school or aren’t a young adult than you can still learn from experienced, professional bike pros that can show you everything you need to know about being a biking beast.  Even if you don’t want to be a biking beast, and simply just want to learn a few tips and tricks, it can be done.  Being the best at anything is hard, but if you have obsession than anything is truly possible.  Don’t allow yourself to be able to be outworked or outperformed by anyone, but yourself.  Biking is fairly normal for most people to learn at a young age.  Typically, children at a young age will learn to ride a bike with training wheels on.  Training wheels allow for kids to avoid injury when learning how to ride a bike, because it can be very dangerous if your learning how to ride a bike at first.  Balance on a bike is vital to have while still learning how to ride a bike.  Even if your an experienced pro, it’s still super important to maintain balance on the bike.

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Biking for cardio is a great way to stay in shape, even if your not trying to be a fixed gear bike pro.  Some gyms and fitness facilities even have rooms dedicated to cycling, that even hold biking classes you can take.  Without fully taking advantage of biking and what it has to offer may be tough because there is so much to gain and learn from using a bicycle.  Personally, I think the best way to see nature in a fun, healthy way is to take a bike ride around the forest, river, lake, mountain, or hills.  Why would drive around in a car or van looking at beautiful land when you can get a better view from a bike that has total three hundred sixty degree vision at all times.  A lot of times personally I feel trapped when I’m driving around in a van or car.  When I feel trapped my mind starts to jump around all over the place.  It’s never a good idea to have a wondering mind, you always want a calm, relaxed mind so that nothing gets in your way.  Fixed gear biking can give you the peace of mind that maybe you always desired.  Experiencing the thrill of the wheel is what will allow you to see what really is possible with a bike.  Next time your taking a tour of a new city or nature, think about using the bike to see areas you wouldn’t normally experience.

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