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Achieving Fixie Success

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Fixie bike riding is more fun when your totally immersed with in the fixie community instead of hanging around people that don’t want to be doing fixie related activities.  If you really think about it, you are one hundred percent who you choose to spend your time with on a daily basis.  If you can have the ability to separate yourself from what others think or do than you will succeed.  It is very hard to do in today’s day and age, because so much immediate gratification and attention is spent on the wrong things.   Performing at the highest fixie game levels is what many young extreme athletes aspire to be, but rarely will accomplish.  If you allow yourself to drift with society and get distracted from what’s really important than you will never take a step up and away from the rest.

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Everyone says that want to be the person or accomplish xyz, but will never sacrifice there time to put themselves in the right position.  If you can position yourself to be the best then you will be the best.  Extreme athletes fall in the trap of thinking that when there not performing at a high level everything is pointless.  If you want to be the best fixie bike rider on the planet you have to start telling yourself and treating yourself like you are.  Being around the right people helps out a lot.


Let’s say you had a bunch of people in your ear everyday, constantly hammering the negativity of fixie riding and never allowing you to excel the right way.  It would horrible, right?  Now what if instead of complaining about it, you actually put effort and action into your beliefs, which starts when you can put yourself in a position to do well.  If you hang out with people all day that bash fixie biking all day, then eventually you will start to believe how bad fixie riding is.  Instead, what is a lot more powerful is transitioning useless time into gold by surrounding yourself with the right, like minded people.  Fixie biking is fun, and giving up the fun skill set all because your parents or girl friend seem to think your time could spent else where is stupid in my opinion.

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Fixie riders have long stories to tell about there experience in the game.  A lot of fixie riders are journey men and have the amazing stories to be able to rely on to other people.  When you live your life in the motions of other people or events than you loose sight of what true human potential can be.  Don’t allow other negative attitudes or vibes because they will only bring you down in the end.  I remember growing up with my grand parents constantly having them hate on my fixed gear obsession.  Sometimes I think people only hate when they haven’t fully accomplished anything in life yet.  What the young fixie riders need when there just starting out is the encouragement to keep on plugging on daily.  Daily action is all that’s needed, regardless of what you want to do in life.  As long as everyday your doing something small day in and day out so that you can become someone better, that’s all you can do.  Many people want to feel like there working, but fail when it comes to execution.  Execution is the name of the game, especially for success.


Fixie trick success comes only when years of hard work has been put into the process weekly.  Without any fixie bike trick training there will be no progression to be any better in life.  Many people in there pursuit of extraordinary goals need to be constantly pushed on a regular basis out of there comfort zone.  When people start to drift into areas out of there normal life and into the middle of no where, that’s when people fail to understand how powerful it really can be to be pushed by the right individuals.


Were all human on the level of attention, all humans want to feel like people are spending a lot of time and attention on them or else they feel pointless.  If your in an environment that doesn’t promote what you truly want to do deep down, than the light bulb needs to be switched on.  There must be an understanding that what your doing right now will get me to where I want to be by tomorrow.  If in the future you want to be an even better fixie bike rider, than you have to religiously ask yourself is what I’m doing right now going to get me one step closer to where I want to be.  If the answer is a clear, outstanding no than something big has to change, and it all starts from you.

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With my success in fixie bike riding I have found that the bulk of my success has come from looking within and changing everything that was hurting me.  Everyone is in a different situation.  Maybe some fixie riders are more athletic than me, or have been riding for more  years than me.  It really doesn’t matter what it is, you must have the time management and focus to get better everyday of the week.  When your not getting better everyday than it’s essentially a failure, and nothing has come up other than mistakes.

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If your goal is to become better at fixie bike riding than you have to have the focus and ability to always be moving with drills or tricks, regardless of what else is going on in the world.   Leaders; especially in extreme sports, will have the self courage to say no to people or things that are never productive.  Being productive and executing, which is getting a lot done in a short amount of time, are two of the biggest factors individuals constantly must re-evaluate themselves on.  Daily courses of actions will soon lead to bigger successes.

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I remember learning my first three sixty flip on a bike, I felt so invigorated like I had accomplished something huge in life.  I remember years ago a pro fixie rider telling me to always be learning and getting better at the craft.  Never settling, and thinking you’ve made it are the biggest mistakes to make for growth.  Growing and grooving in your fixie riding style may take years, but in the end it’s all worth it.  If you think that some people just woke up one day and were all of the sudden the best fixie riders, then something must be wrong inside your brain.  Taking a step back, evaluating the situation at hand and having the ability to execute a plan is what will separate you from society, particularly other mediocre fixie riders out there.

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