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A Story About Hygiene

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A shower a day keeps the doctor away. Also clean clothes everyday keeps the doctor away. That line can pretty much be used for anything that you say is keeping clean prevents the need to get sick and go to the doctor. What I learned from staying at a friends house in Oakland, is that if you sleep at a friends house, make sure to keep your fixie clean or you may need to see a doctor.
dirty home

I recently purchased a dope seat that has so much cushion on it for my fixie bike, and I was hella excited to show my friends around the bay area about this new bike. One of my friends is kind of a slob, but I visited him and brought my bike into his house. Bad decision. Because of this choice, when I got home, I had to have an exterminator come to my house because I brought bed bugs home with me. It just so happened that these sneaky mother killas crawled into my new bike seat, and hitched a ride the entire way home into my house, and started a new colony in my living room.

What I learned from this fiasco was that if you enter in a dirty home, even if it’s a friend or a relative, remain standing and don’t put your stuff anywhere that isn’t safe from the live organisms that share the home with that person. Your sanity is not worth it. So this is a little note about hygiene.

hygieneWhat’s with people not keeping themselves clean? That doesn’t bother me too much, but the bigger question I have is, what’s with people refusing to keep clean, but ruining other people’s lives by contacting them while unclean. I just have never understood that. My friend for example, why did he allow me into his house knowing how disgusting it was and knowing there is the possibility that someone else can actually catch a disease from his home. He has old pizzas on the counter, crushed soda cans in the corner of his home, and apparently an entire colony of bed bugs that had to of been biting him, because I could visibly see cuts and bite marks on his skin… I originally thought it was his drug use.

The point is, if you are a sick person, let people know so they don’t catch a disease from you. It’s really just the polite and necessary thing to do. Another point, if your house is disgusting, don’t let people inside, and take care of it yourself. It’s your problem, don’t make it other people’s problem. Lastly, what’s up with your life. If you are an adult and can’t properly keep yourself somewhat hygienic, what’s your deal? It’s the 21st century and every public restroom has soap for free to keep your hands clean. You can take showers at gyms. You can easily clean your home by simply putting your crap trash into a trash can and not allowing bugs to take over the home and rule dominion over you. Are you really allowing a ton of bugs to dictate the way you live your life. Fix your life fools, and keep it clean so the rest of us don’t have to deal with the lowlife.


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