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Urb Fixies in Urb Cities

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urb lifeHave you heard of the phrase urb? Chances are, you only know about being urb if you have been to a city where people refer to themselves as being urb?

Well, what is urb? Urb is a type of lifestyle. The people who are apart of the urb culture are strongly present in the Northern parts of California and as you travel North up the west coast. The term urb started in East Sac (Sacramento), California, in the ’10’s. Could refer to it as the 2010’s but since we’re going to be shortening English words from now on, might us well slim down some numbers. Besides, most the people who use the word urb don’t even remember much of anything before the year 2000. Plus, ’10’s is totes adorbs.

hang loose signsI first heard about the urb life in Portland in 2011, a pretty urban city in it’s own right. While there, I was riding my fixie through downtown Portland when I stopped to drink some water. I stopped right next to a Portland valet attendant who was looking me up and down. I smiled at him with a nod, and he gave me a wagging “hang loose” sign, squinted his eyes, and said “hella urb bro.” (more…)

The Traveling Fixie

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Last summer I’ll never forget taking my fixie bike with me to Europe.  It was the middle of July and I landed in London in the morning time, when the day was fresh.  I tried to take my fixie with me on the flight like a carry on, but they told me I had to check it in.  My fixie bike only weighed just about ten pounds, which confused me on how I couldn’t bring it with me.  I have always hated checking in luggage or extra bags, because it just causes more headaches than initially desired.  If only the flight company understood how easy it is to take apart a fixie bike and put it back together they would maybe allow me to bring it.  A fixie bike is very easy to assemble and disassemble, it just takes a couple screws and it’s out.  Fixie bikes are known for being very light in weight and having the easy ability to travel with.   (more…)

Fixie Relief

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In my opinion, I think riding on fixies and doing tricks is the best form of therapy you can receive because it’s low cost for riding around on a bike and your out in nature where life is more beautiful.  There’s something about the aroma of the outdoors that re-rejuvenates life back into people that need it.  Obviously, a lot of kids and teens love using fixie bikes, but even for the experienced adult bike fanatics, fixies offer many more options for tricks than the standard style of bikes.  Whether your brand new to the bike game or have been riding fixies your whole life, you’ll get a kick out of learning some new tricks on a fixie.  Many people don’t know what really goes into riding a fixie bike.  Most bikes people are accustom to having a multi gear set up where you can shift gears for different purposes.  With a fixie bike there’s only one gear propelling you forward or backwards.  Having the ability to stop on a dime is also a capability with the fixie, the foot pedals are used to stop the bike.   (more…)

The Fixie Journey

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When I was a teenager my days in the summer were constantly spent out in the city or parks riding around on my fixie bike, everywhere.  For someone observing from the outside, looking in you would notice the fixie obsession I had at a very young age.  I remember day dreaming in class and at school about riding around in my fixie all the time.  The coolest thing I thought about fixes when I was young was having the ability to ride backwards on the bike.  Most bikes are used for one general direction, forward.  When I found out you could easily ride backwards on a fixie than a revolution in my mid went off.  No longer were the old style ways of riding forward relevant anymore.  It is pretty useless to have a bike that has the ability to move forward or backwards on cue, but having the choice is a nice thing to have.  Many people don’t appreciate fully the power of choices.   (more…)

Achieving Fixie Success

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Fixie bike riding is more fun when your totally immersed with in the fixie community instead of hanging around people that don’t want to be doing fixie related activities.  If you really think about it, you are one hundred percent who you choose to spend your time with on a daily basis.  If you can have the ability to separate yourself from what others think or do than you will succeed.  It is very hard to do in today’s day and age, because so much immediate gratification and attention is spent on the wrong things.   Performing at the highest fixie game levels is what many young extreme athletes aspire to be, but rarely will accomplish.  If you allow yourself to drift with society and get distracted from what’s really important than you will never take a step up and away from the rest.

fixie biker city hipster (more…)

New Fixie Adventures

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Fixed gear biking is best to be done in cities that are more biker-friendly than others.  In California the two biggest biker friendly cities, at least in Northern California, are Davis and San Francisco.  If you have ever been to San Francisco you can’t walk around without noticing all the bikers riding around from street to street.  Most people move from different part of the city to another.  If you don’t see people traveling by bike than you will see people taking uber or a taxi.  Rarely do people walk or run in the city from one place to another unless there working out.  San Francisco, in my opinion, is the New York of the west coast. (more…)

Fixed Gear Biking For All Ages

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The fixed gear world is filled with bikers always looking to perform tricks and flips.  The fixed gear bike world is something incredibly fun to get into, but at the same time can be extremely dangerous at the same time.  Drugs also play a big role in the fixed gear biking world, as with many other extreme sports.  Many kids get involved in fixed gear biking at a young age, and would rather ride bikes over driving cars.  Driving cars is the cool thing to do in college and the real world, but when your young and still in high school everything is centered around riding bikes and skating on boards.  It is very tough to be able to fully understand the fixed gear world, without fully being in it.  The absolute best thing to do for yourself if you want to see the inside of the street biking world, you should probably show up the a x-game in the summer when there’s always one going on.  Every year the x games hosts the biggest, most talked about extreme athletes.  Motocross racing, skating, street bike tricks, and roller blade tricks are the most sought after events.  Even if you don’t fully understand what’s going on in the fixed bike world, it’s at least fun to get out and enjoy the sun while watching the best in the world compete for the ultimate prize of being an x game gold medalist.  Many people like to watch the x games on TV, but personally I think the best way to experience the event is to actually show up in person and see the tricks.  Bike and skate tricks are only good if you see them in person, watching on TV does no justice for the rider or the sport.  Extreme sports are the best when your fully immersed in the event.   (more…)

A Story About Hygiene

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A shower a day keeps the doctor away. Also clean clothes everyday keeps the doctor away. That line can pretty much be used for anything that you say is keeping clean prevents the need to get sick and go to the doctor. What I learned from staying at a friends house in Oakland, is that if you sleep at a friends house, make sure to keep your fixie clean or you may need to see a doctor.
dirty home

I recently purchased a dope seat that has so much cushion on it for my fixie bike, and I was hella excited to show my friends around the bay area about this new bike. One of my friends is kind of a slob, but I visited him and brought my bike into his house. Bad decision. Because of this choice, when I got home, I had to have an exterminator come to my house because I brought bed bugs home with me. It just so happened that these sneaky mother killas crawled into my new bike seat, and hitched a ride the entire way home into my house, and started a new colony in my living room.


High School Fixed Fads

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Every kid at my high school that was considered “cool, hip, in with east Sacramento crew” were all fixed gear bike whores.  Any one that ever knew the different crowds of people at my high school knew the huge differences of people we had.  You either rode around on a fixed gear bike or you just weren’t in with the crowd.  Being cool in high school was very much centered around doing bike tricks with a fixed gear bike.  If you didn’t have a cool fixed gear bike you had to drive around in a car or bus.  There is nothing worse than not being accepted by people at the lunch table because you don’t ride around with a fixed gear bike.  Perception was a big thing in high school, and having the right bike was the biggest part of that.  If you had no fixed gear bike in high school you were basically a nobody.  Of course, nowadays my attitude about other people is very much so reflected in not caring what other people think.  When you start to be so concerned with what other people are saying is when you loose.  Initially allowing outside people to get inside your head is the first mistake most people make.  If you can’t block people out right now, then learning over time how to block out the negative thoughts is critical. (more…)

Bikes on the Streets

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Growing up in the early 2000’s I remember seeing so many movies as a kid with teenagers cruising around in there cool fixed gear bikes around the city or town.  For most of the kids I knew, fixed gear bikes were rare and everyone resorted to the traditional multi gear bikes.  Both fixed gear bikes and multi gear bikes have there advantages and disadvantages, but the cool kids seemed to only ride fixed gear bikes.  Growing up I never understood what all the commotion was about for these bikes, I couldn’t point my finger on the hype.  Even in elementary school the attention for bikes was around the fixed gear ones.  Fixed gear bikes seemed to be the plausible way to get around.  When I went to a different school for middle school, I realized the kids around me weren’t traveling from close homes like in elementary, I saw a difference in bikes.  In fact, I saw no bikes.  When you go to school down the street from your house it’s easy to ride everywhere.  The times when you live far from your school, are times when people use cars more.

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